Hi we are Anna and Linden, two mums from Sevenoaks in Kent.  We came up with the idea of a Digital Sunset after witnessing how much our own children struggled to switch off from the online conversation which as we all know, never stops.  We held focus groups with other parents and talked to mental health, sleep and child protection experts.  Everyone we spoke to agreed that tech is a wonderful thing but that children need to learn how to take a regular break from it in order to stay healthy.  There is overwhelming parental support for the idea that it is so much easier for children to switch off devices before bedtime if all their friends are doing it too.  We believe that it takes a village to raise a child and a community to keep them safe and well.

OUR MISSION 2016-2021

For the Digital Sunset Challenge to become a regular part of the PSHE curriculum for the last year of primary school

We will work to:

  • Give all primary aged children in Kent the opportunity to take part in the Digital Sunset Challenge, taking away any barriers that prevent them getting this opportunity.
  • Inspire children, families and schools in Kent to use social media and the internet in a positive way but also to see the value of disengaging from it by having a regular Digital Sunset
  • Encourage the Government to make the Digital Sunset Challenge a regular part of the transition PSHE for year 6 primary aged children
  • Encourage a change in family digital culture that sees all generations get the very best out of the digital world but also out of real life